In this challenging and litigious world one must have the help of an experienced legal professional when the need arises.

Delaware County Divorce Lawyer

My name is Joe McIntosh and for over 19 years I've been practicing Divorce, Family, Civil, and Criminal law from my Delaware County, Media, Pennsylvania office - representing clients in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties.

Divorce & Family Law

Promptly and properly handling Divorce & Family Law cases is both a skill and an art. Emotions can be raised and decision making can be compromised. It's at these times that experience and skill is paramount.

DUI - Driving Under the Influence

When you have been charged with a DUI there’s ample reason to be worried. The first thing you should do is call Law Offices of Joe McIntosh for a no obligation telephone consultation. Being charged with a DUI doesn’t automatically assume you are guilty and having us hear the entire story is the critical first step to exoneration.

Personal Service from Joe McIntosh

Some law firms named for a single person may actually employ teams of lawyers, perhaps even part-time, who are assigned to handle your case once you meet the Founder and sign-on.

I don't engage in this practice. I've have been a sole-proprietor since the start of my practice and in my experience, and observation of other legal practitioners, it is the only way to ensure personal involvement.

I invite you to call me today at (610) 566-1700 and I will be happy to discuss your situation by phone or in-person at no cost.

Delaware County Divorce Lawyer
Joe McIntosh, Delaware County Divorce Lawyer, is committed to helping individuals and families through the difficult process of divorce proceedings.

Collaborative Divorce
In a collaborative divorce, both parties wish to pursue a divorce without resorting to confrontational court proceedings.