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Whether you need to initiate a new complaint for child support, modify the Pennsylvania child support order already in place, or enforce an existing child support order, I will assist you. None of this can take place until the necessary paperwork is submitted to the court, so you must act quickly.

The child support guidelines in Pennsylvania usually determine each parent’s financial obligations when a divorce or separation occurs. This consists of determining the monthly incomes or earning capacities of the child’s parents. This means that those persons without income can be assessed with an “earning capacity” – the equivalent to what he or she could earn based on their education, skills and previous employment.

As an experienced family law attorney I can ensure that in-depth discussion and analysis of income and expenses occurs. I then document these details and negotiate a child support order outside of court when possible. If the issue ends up going to court I passionately advocate for both you and your child. If you have an existing support order, I can evaluate it to determine if it needs adjustment. Changes in support guidelines are often revised which may mean your order is out of date. Your order may also need revision as your child gets older or his or her needs change.

Child support in Pennsylvania is payable until a child reaches 18 or graduates high school, whichever occurs latest. In situations where a child is physically or mentally disabled, support may be payable for a longer period of time. An order for child support may also require payment of a portion of costs such as medical insurance for the dependent spouse and/or children, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and day care costs incurred while the custodial parent is working or going to school.

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