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The Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Act gives victims of domestic or household abuse a way to have the abusive person removed from the home. Victims must file a petition to have a restraining order issued against the abuser.

After the Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) is issued, the abuser must leave the home immediately and have no further contact with the victim. Within ten days a hearing is held, and a judge determines the validity of the victim's claim. If the judge believes it is necessary, the order will be extended up to a maximum of three (3) years.

In order to be considered under this act, the abuse must occur between family or household members, sexual or intimate partners, or persons who share parenthood. Abuse can include the attempt or intent to cause bodily injury, rape, sexual assault, incest, threats of physical violence, false imprisonment, physical or sexual child abuse, stalking, or harassment.

A PFA is applicable to both men and women.

PFAs protect victims in several ways. It orders the abuser not to abuse, harass, or stalk you or your family or your children.

  • It can grant you possession of your home or order your abuser to provide alternate housing
  • It may order the abuser to pay for medical bills, health insurance, rent or mortgage.
  • It can temporarily award child custody or visitation rights
  • It can prevent any contact between the abuser and your children
  • It can order your abuser to surrender firearms or other weapons to the police
  • It may also order your abuser to pay for medical, dental, relocation, attorney, counseling or other costs resulting from the domestic abuse

I am here to listen to your needs and present your options to you. I know your rights under the law and I am prepared to get you immediate protection from abuse. PFAs offer immediate relief, but only if you act quickly to obtain one. I can provide the representation you need to give you the safety you deserve. You have a right to feel safe and secure in your home. I help protect that right.


While no one wants to start a marriage preparing for divorce, the many unique situations that are brought into marriages today require detailed planning. Prenuptial agreements outline the expectations of both parties in the event of a divorce. This may include distribution of assets, payment of alimony or spousal support, and can significantly reduce the cost of future divorce litigation by resolving matters quickly. Postnuptial agreements can be entered into anytime after the marriage has begun, but basically achieve the same goals.

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