Spousal Support

Spousal support becomes necessary to ensure that both parties in a divorce receive the support needed to begin establishing their new life without a spouse. It is ordered to give spouses equal income during and after divorce. Spousal support is based on several factors including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Contributions made by each spouse to the marriage
  • Salary of each spouse
  • Capacity of each to earn an income

Three types of support are awarded in Pennsylvania at different stages of divorce.

Spousal support can be ordered before a filing of the divorce petition and is for a period of time when spouses are separated in anticipation of divorce.

Alimony pendent lite (alimony pending litigation) is similar to spousal support, but is paid after the filing of the divorce petition. The amount considers the difference in monthly income between the parties after consideration of taxes and other support obligations.

Alimony is ordered after the entry of the final divorce decree and refers to monthly payments made to a former spouse. It is based on the spouse’s ability to earn an income and any assets they were awarded in the divorce.

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